School and Child Care Immunization Data 2017-2018 Information for Parents

This tool allows users to create custom reports and download the full 2017-2018 dataset.

Use the selectors below to define the criteria of your custom report. Click the “View Report” button to access the Report tab where your report results are displayed. On the Report tab, first click on the “Site Name” column header to activate the screen. After activation, you can choose “Download” from the menu at the top of the page. If you select “Data” as your file format, you can download a text file of all the data matching your report criteria in “Summary” format or “Full data.”

You can also click the “View Box & Whisker Plot” button to move to the Plot tab to view the distribution of the data. You can download the underlying data for the box and whisker plots by selecting “Download” from the menu at the top of the page. For additional information on this plot click here. All data are self-reported by each facility, and not validated by CDPHE.

For more information about the data, please click here.

If you have questions or feedback, please email